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Growing up, I remember the Marina as mom and pop stores. Now-a-days, it has become one of the hippest spots in the city for millennials. It's near the Golden Gate  Bridge, Chrissy Field...and right on the waterfront. This makes it a dog lovers paradise!

District 7a

Contemporary Cow Hollow is one of my most favorite neighborhoods in SF, nestled between the Presidio and the Marina district—which is why I have chosen to live here. Everything is right  at your fingertips - fine dining, wine bars, cafes, yoga & shopping.

District 7d

As you may know, Pacific Heights is one of the most prestigious districts. Known for its breathtakingly stunning views, gorgeous homes and beautiful architecture. I love Union & Fillmore shopping— which  in my opinion the best the City has to offer.

District 7b

Wonderful upscale shopping is the detail I love about this district. It was first developed after the 1906 earthquake, and is now Home of SF’s most prestigious families and dignitaries. Even better, Spruce on Sacramento is one of the finest restaurants in the City. 

District 7c

I love this location  because the neighborhood is home to an interesting mix of classic Victorians and mid-rise condo developments. Fillmore Street offers many walkable blocks of restaurants, cafes and brand name shopping.

District 6c

North Beach’s rich and vibrant history makes it one of the most fascinating places to live. It is one of the most iconic districts in San Francisco known as Little Italy. Sidewalks bustle with residents and tourists alongside landmarks, coffee houses, shopping and nightlife.

District 8d
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